The Best Way To Enjoy A Wine Moment

The Best Way To Enjoy A Wine Moment

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A Wine Bottle Glass For Your Wine Moments

Price: $14.95

There are only three ways you can enjoy your wine. First, buy Lighter-style reds. Second, invite a friend or your mate. Last but not least, drink it from a Wine Bottle Glass. If you are fond of wine, then it is the perfect time you try something new; a bottle and a cup of wine in one hand. Wine Bottle Glass is designed to make every wine moment treasurable. If you don’t like obstructions ruining your moment when drinking wine, you’ll find the combination quite useful.

What is so unique about this glass?

Taking a closer look at its appearance, you will notice that it was not only designed to make you drink in style but also created to help you maximize your enjoyment. Unlike regular romantic wine glasses you can easily buy after breaking one, it combines both the bottle and a wine glass into one perfect antique suited for stylish drinkers. If that describes you, I quite sure you’ll need this. Here are some reasons why.

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One Fill is just enough

If you are a heavy drinker, you don’t want to look like a hyena in the middle of tortoises. So, you pour a little and do a refill later when you need to. With a Wine Bottle Glass, you don’t have to sweat it. One fill is just enough. It combines a 750ml bottle and a glass of wine in one drink. Unless your intention is you make a statement, you’ll need two stomachs to go for a second refill.

An astounding design

This isn’t just a glass you buy, wash, dry using a towel and keep in a drawer. It is a piece of art you would want to keep in the open. The unique shape that combines a bottle at the bottom with a wine glass at the top makes it one best gift for wine drinkers who like to do it in style.


The moment you see it on top of your kitchen table, you’ll want to have a wine moment. Apart from the luring design, it has a text on it that reminds you that you made a perfect choice. ‘A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs.’ Take a look at it every time you come back home, and you’ll become addicted.

Wine Bottle Glass isn’t just another way to drink a whole bottle of wine. It is a piece of art that will fit anywhere in the house of a wine fanatic. If your friend is a wine fanatic expecting some surprises on his birthday, then Wine Bottle Glass is your best answer.


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