SnacDaddy Chicken Wing Tray

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SnacDaddy Chicken Wing Tray

Super weird but actually pretty useful, the SnacDaddy is a chicken wing tray that allows you to easily dispose of wing bones in the tray’s center hole.

No more messy piles of bones and its inexpensive ($14.99) too.

A great gift idea for any guy planning to have a few friends over for a football game this fall.


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  1. […] 457. Bright Idea: the SnacDaddy Wing Tray August 23, 2007 Posted by SparkBugg in Food and Drink, Product. trackback Finally, a blog posting on an Everyday Edisons Season 1 invention: the SnacDaddy. Eat the meat off of your buffalo wings, then deposit your nasty bones in the center hole, out of sight. Buy one HERE ($15); check out the SnacDaddy website here; read a Slate article on the SnacDaddy here; via FreshTrend. […]

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