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Melting Wall Clock

Reminiscent of an object from a Salvador Dali painting, this clock is sure to spark conversation with whoever sets eyes on it.

Looking at the bright side, it won’t cost you nearly as much to hang on your wall as a Dali painting.

$59.99 @ Cool Clock Shop

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Do your kids want to look “COOL” for the summer? Check out these Penguin and Polar Bear Ice cubes. The cubes are awesome, and easy to prepare. Just fill the trays up with water and pop in the freezer. The Polar bear and Penguin float on a iceberg around in your glass. They will definitely put a smile on your kids face when you put the glass in front of them. The only problem with 1 set is you only get 1 polar bear and 1 penguin ice cube tray (2 penguins on the iceberg)… So you will need to buy several if you want them for a party! Check them out.

$24.49 @ Cool Ice Cubes

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The Firefly in a Jar is a very neat present, while being very simple and cheap. It is a jar that you can set by your bedside as you sleep, kind of like a night light in a way. This gift is a great last minute gift for any kids you may have, or for your wife or girlfriend, or anyone who enjoys nature / collects small unique gifts. You can purchase them online or at almost any chain store in the world, like Target or Walmart. They do not take plugs, only batteries, and the batteries are not included with the jar. Also think about getting rechargeable batteries, as well as a docking station to charge them!

$19.95 @ Firefly in a Jar

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Know anyone who likes collectible electronics, or just things that would look awesome in their house as well? Not only is it very unique, (because there’s literally nothing like this), but it’s also cheap AND useful. The Impecca Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is very durable, especially for being made out of bamboo. The mouse is very precise, and the keyboard itself is also very lightweight. The only difference between this and a normal, electronic keyboard is that it’s lighter and looks a lot cooler. It’s pretty easy to blend in with any sort of surroundings in your room, and it has great wireless reception to just about anywhere that you connect it to.

$68 @ Bamboo Keyboard

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Like having fish, and giving them a really nice to home live in? Some pet owners are much more enthusiastic than others, so they may want to spend a little extra money to get them something nice. The fish tank condo is a pretty cheap, (but still innovative and awesome looking), fish aquarium for a small number of fish. This is only for if you have a few fish, not dozens for each floor of the condo.

You can also get more Fish Condos, and stack them on top of each other, so that you can have more room for the fish to swim around. This can also be added to an even larger fish tank, just as a decoration, or a little place for your fish to adventure. Buy it quick before they eventually run out of stock!

$35 @ Umbra FishHotel

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Are you looking for a comical gift idea that is going to blow the mind of whomever you are getting it for? You’re probably looking for something cheap too, and it’s going to be hard to find something that matches both of those characteristics. Fortunately, the Runny Nose Soap Shower Gel Dispenser is an absolutely perfect gift, considering that it is both unique and enjoyable by just about anyone. Simply press the middle part of either nostril, and watch as it dispenses the goo on to your hand. But don’t worry, it’s absolutely health-friendly.

$9.99 @ Runny Nose Soap Dispenser

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Smellable Pencil Eraser

The Smart Smencil is by far one of the craziest gifts that you could get somebody. This pencil is designed with an eraser that smells like peppermint, especially when you erase something with it! Peppermint has been proven to stimulate your brain cells, which means it will give whomever is using it a definite, legit edge on a test.

In addition, the eraser is fully functional, and the the graphite used for writing in this pencil is the same as in a standard #2 pencil. This means that any sort of computer-scored test or standardized test will recognize this as the exact same! Don’t wait to get this perfect, inexpensive gift, especially if you’re shopping for someone still in school!

$1.75 @ Perpetual Kid

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whiskey stones gift idea

One of the most annoying things, (no matter what you’re drinking), is when your drink gets dilluted by ice. Suddenly the drink has a completely different taste, unless you’re able to drink it quick enough. Even if you drink it quick enough, you still don’t get to enjoy all of the wonderful tastes in your beverage, and what fun is that!?

This can be avoided, however, by using Whiskey Stones! Whiskey stones are basically a substitute for ice, which allows you to cool your drink in a matter of seconds, without watering down your beverage! They are very cheap, and last a long time, so why not order them today!?

$15 @ Epica

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If you ask just about any man, he’ll agree that it’s incredibly sad when a beer goes to waste. Not only are they expensive, but once opened they don’t have a long lifespan. If you don’t drink your beer in a relatively quick time, it just won’t taste the same, and it won’t help if it’s refridgerated while it’s open! With the awesome new beer savers, you can very easily keep your beer fresh for two to three days after it’s open!

Once you’re done drinking however much you wanted out of the bottle, put the beer saver on it and stick it in the fridge! Not only are these beer savers cheap, but they also save you a lot of money in the longrun!

$6.99@ Perpetual kid

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It’s about that time again! A new form of fun has hit the world by surprise, and it’s in the shape of a shark! The Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark is an awesome new toy, and it’s also really cheap! You just inflate it (need helium), and then you’re able to remote control its tail as it floats around. It’s like a remote control car, but in a completely different shape! This gift would be great for anyone, but it will especially interest kids. Just watch jaws and surprise the family as a scary scene comes on! These air swimmers are very durable, and they come in other types of animals as well.

$23.10 @ Shark

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