One Great Gift Your Photo Lover Friend Is Waiting For

One Great Gift Your Photo Lover Friend Is Waiting For

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LOHA Flexible iPhone/Android Tripod and Mount

LOHA Flexible iPhone

Price: 26.99

Do you have a teen friend or a sibling who can’t complete an hour without taking a selfie? Does he or she own an iPhone or an Android phone? If yes then he or she is probably waiting for LOHA Flexible tripod for Androids and iPhones as a gift. This tripod and mount will hold your phone in a position of your preference, making it easier for you to take family photos, portraits and more. Check out these great features and judge for yourself.


  • Adjustable phone mount that works for any other phone from iPhone 6 to Galaxy Note 4.
  • Universal head plate that enables you to use the tripod with Go Pros as well as compact cameras
  • Tripod legs that make it easier for you to secure the tripod stand against any item or object
  • Head bolts that ensure that your iPhone or Android phone is fastened securely.
  • Reasons your friend or sibling will appreciate this amazing gift

LOHA Flexible iPhone/Android Tripod and mount changes the way you take photos with friends or family. No one should miss in the photo simply because he or she was the one doing the job. Whether you are doing it alone, with friends or with family members, LOHA Flexible iPhone Tripod, and Mount, doesn’t require you or any other person to hold your iPhone or Android phone perfectly in place so as to achieve a high-quality photo.

LOHA Flexible iPhone

With legs that can hold to anything such as hand-rails or trees, you can take a photo with all your friends in a forest, a mountain or any other adventurous place of your own liking. It also comes with a rubber foot that offers friction, enabling your iPhone or Android Phone to hold securely on rough surfaces such as rock or sand. Also included is a unique design that uses a spring-loaded phone fastener and a screw lengthener that is adjustable needed to hold your phone perfectly in place and so as to reduce the chances of it falling. He or she will also like the fact that the mount works perfectly with any phone whether it is a Galaxy Note or an iPhone 3.

If your friend, sibling, parent or any other relative enjoys taking photos with friends, then he or she probably needs LOHA Flexible iPhone/Android Tripod and Mount on his or her coming birthday party or any other special day. Get him or her this amazing gift at a price of only $26.99 and realize how easy you can put a smile on that face.


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