Cheap iPad Mixing Board – The Numark IDJLIVE for iPad/iPod

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This Christmas, one of the most bought gifts, (surprisingly), is the Mixing Boards for the iPad, iPhone or iPod. Although this is mainly useful for DJ’s, it is somewhat inexpensive considering that it is a miniature DJ set. Just because it’s miniature doesn’t mean it’s fully functional, because in reality it works just like a real DJ booth! This can bring hours of fun, because you are able to mix song after song, and you can even record it on to your iPod when you’re done!

The IPad / IPod Mixing Board can make any of the songs that you have on your iDevice sound exactly like you think they should. With these iDevice-specific mixing consoles at your disposal, you can do almost anything with the music that you already enjoy. Even if you aren’t aspiring to become a DJ, you can still have fun with this mixing console, and it makes a great present for any young ones or teens out there with an iDevice!

The Bundle Comes Complete and ready to use with:
* Numark IDJLIVE Idj Live DJ Controller for iPad iPhone iPod.
* Stereo Headphones.
* 3.5mm Mini Stereo TRS To 2 1/4IN TS 3ft Y Cable.

$99 @ NuMark


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