Unique, Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Finding an gift that’s both inexpensive and unique can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be too hard. We’ve assembled a pretty nice list of some of our very favorite unique & inexpensive gift ideas below to help you out… Happy gifting!


A mini plant that comes in its own ceramic egg shell. Just crack, add water and watch it grow. $11

Crayola Crayon Pens

Top-quality, brass ballpoint pens that look like you might be scribbling in a coloring book. $12.99

Moleskine Journal

The most iconic of journals, Moleskine were usedby Picasso, Matisse and Hemingway just to name a few. $8.49


One of the most popular games in recent memory. Sort of like Scrabble but a bit more fun. $14.95

Bodum Bean French Press

Colorful french press coffee makers that make a GOOD cup of joe. $30

iPod Block Speaker

Turn an iPod into a mini sound system with this lego style mini speaker. $19.99

Do It Yourself Straws

Sipping milk has never been so much fun, both kids and adults are sure to get a kick out of the do-it-yourself straw design kit. $9.99

Pralus World Chocolate Sampler

10 mini bars of chocolate to try from around the world, all in one little package. $9.99

Stapleless Stapler

A quirky new way to fasten paper with no staples needed. Perfect for just about everyone. $7.95

Crappy Task Clips

A bit of a joke, but the task clips are sure to make anyone chuckle and will surely come in use for those not so fun tasks ahead. $7.99

Recycled Tie Wallets

Super durable and fun wallet made from recycled ties. $30

Tea Steep Stick

Funky, modern way to make the perfect cup of tea. $20

Lego Flash Drive

4GB of nostalgic fun and it attachs to a keyring to make sure they don’t misplace it. $34.95

All Out Of Notepad

Help a friend keep organized a bit better for their next shopping trip. $6.99

Moustache Mug

If nothing else on the list is a good fitm well then put a stache on someone’s face every morning, with their own moustache mug. There’s no way that they already have one and its guaranteed to at least get a chuckle… £11.95 [about $19]

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