18 Fun, Cool and Unique Coffee Mugs

An assemblage of some of the very best, most fun, coolest and most unique coffee mugs that we could dig up…

Moustache Mug

Put a stache on your face every morning. £11.95

Trigger Finger

Pull the trigger on a solid start to the day… $16

Lap Mug

The mug for couch coffee and tea drinkers. The lap mug is designed to nestle between you legs anytime you’re seated. $16

Knee Mug

Designed for those that prefer to rest their mug on their knee. $16

Zipper Mugs

Now you can unzip your morning cup of coffee? These come in a set of two and with two coasters. $40

Polka Dot Dunk Mug

A fun coffee mug that stores biscuits and cookies in its base. A plain version without polka dots is also available. £14.99

Chalkboard Mug

Scribble a different message each and every morning. $10

Atmark Mug

In case the name doesn’t give it away, Art Lebedev’s Atmark is designed to look like an @ mark. A sort of subtle geekiness. $6

On/Off Mug

Color sensitive to change from Off to On as it goes from Cold to Hot. $33

2 Carat Coffee Mug

A little bling along with your cup of joe. Available in both gold and platinum colored bands. $15

Hearty Mug

Cute mug designed in the shape of a heart when seen from above. $16

My Cuppa

Make the perfect cup each and everytime with an easy to follow color guide. $15.99

Stacked Mug

It might look like three mugs stacked together, but its actually just one bizarre and fun mug. $12.99

Carabiner Mug

Clip it on a belt loop and take it anywhere you go. $11.99

Tea Pouch Mug

No need to oversteep tea when you can tuck the tea pouch away as soon as you’re done with it. $9.95

Pantone Mugs

You gotta buy the whole set, but they’re still the perfect coffee mugs for any sort of designer. $110

Brass Knuckles

The perfect mug for coffee with a street fight looming. £9.95

I Am Not a Paper Cup

Porcelain travel mug designed to look like a standard paper coffee cup. $15

Caffeine Mug

The molecular representation of caffeine just in case there was any doubt what was in your mug. $6.99


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