Any Video Fanatic Would Fall In Love With This!

Any Video Fanatic Would Fall In Love With This!

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Jumping Parrot Mini Drone Sumo

Price $61

Jumping Parrot Mini Drone Sumo

Planning to surprise a 14-year-old Video game fanatic on his birthday? Well, game consoles probably won’t do much because he might be used to them. Now, clear PS4 and XBOX consoles out of your head and replace it with something lively. I’m talking about, the Mad Max like Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo in reality. Designed to maximize the outdoor fun, your Video game fanatic friend will not only be amazed at the gift but will start wondering how you figured out he wanted it. Find out why.

Why Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo?

Aggressive drivers like to maintain the speed even when it is not on the screen. This Jumping Sumo isn’t meant for those who like to take it easy. It is designed for those who like to see the car wreck. The funny thing is, it won’t wreck, but will jump up to 2.5 feet high and then land safely back on its feet. Well, not what you see on Need For Speed screens, but really worth going for especially if you are targeting a Video game fanatic who dreams of spending his whole life playing. Here are some of its great features.

  • Control using your smartphone
  • Swipe your phone for perfect U-turns and do some amazing acrobatic tricks such as jumps and spins.
  • Use the road plan mode to program sequences of sound and tricks of your own liking.
  • For the sumo to jump, the battery must be charged 20% and above. Quite demanding but worth it.

Why your Video game fanatic friend will want to hold on to this gift

Unless you are buying Mini Drone Jumping Sumo, you’ll never come across any other crazy sumo like this one on the market. Designed to surprise a regular remote control car fanatic, it comes with a rare, unique jumping feature enabling it to perform a lot of flashy acrobatic tricks as if it knows someone is watching.

One thing that will surprise you is that it produces its own Wi-Fi allowing you to take control via your tablet or smartphone. That is when you are in the FreeFlight 3 App available for both Android and Smartphones as well as tablets. It is also available on Windows 8.1 phone and PC.

Jumping Parrot Mini Drone Sumo

This is the craziest part. It can jump both 2.5 feet both horizontally and vertically. It also rolls at 2 meters per second and turns 90 to 180 degrees in a glimpse. The truth is, there is more to like about this crazy yet fascinating sumo. From sturdy construction and easy controls to astounding performance and incredible acrobatic skills, there is always something that will leave your Video game fanatic friend dumb-founded.

Remember it is a surprise, so do it properly. It doesn’t have to be Christmas when everyone expects gifts. Do it on a birthday when he least expects it. What you need is, $61 and it is all yours.


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