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We’ve included traffic information and our current advertising options below, if you have any additional questions just let us know by emailing us at advertiseus [at @ sign] Traffic Information

FreshTrend gets around 55,000+ visitors every month coming to the site looking for unique gift ideas. Our Alexa rank is around 100k and if you sell anything remotely cool then our audience is perfect for your products…

So what are our advertising options??? Here they are…


Sponsored Product Reviews

Every day we receive A LOT of suggestions of cool gift ideas. Its hard for us to look through and review them all, so for those who really, really, really want to get their product on FreshTrend we offer a sponsored product review on the site for $50.

A few ground rules on the reviews:

  1. We only accept products that we think are a good fit on the site. If you’re not accepted then you certainly won’t be charged anything.
  2. We do NOT directly link to your site in the reviews, so don’t buy the review if a link is what you’re looking for.
  3. You’re welcome to provide any facts that you want us to consider, but we’re the one’s writing the review.

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125×125 Banner Sponsors

FreshTrend displays a few 125×125 banner ads in the middle right of every page on the site.

There are a few different options available which you can see by clicking the link below starting at 2 weeks for $30.

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We also place ads with BlogAds in the sidebar. There are a bunch of sizes and timeframes to choose from depending on what you’re looking for.

Click here to place a BlogAd.

Terms of Advertisements on FreshTrend

Advertisements on FreshTrend are served through our ad serving platform or through BlogAds, both of which generate non-direct links, but they will still send you a bunch of traffic 🙂

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