A Perfect Gift for Bonding: Bring the Giant T-Rex Fantasy to Life

A Perfect Gift for Bonding: Bring the Giant T-Rex Fantasy to Life

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T-Rex Giant Ride-On

Price: $41.15

For a family man or woman, having a swimming pool can be fun, but not when all you do is swimming. To maximize the swimming pool fun, you need to be a little bit creative. Add a Swimline T-rex and see how enjoyable spending some time with your family in your swimming pool can be. This isn’t like any other floating ball designed to prevent the less talented swimmers from drowning. It is a ride on Giant T-rex with enough room for two. You can be a gentleman and let your kid and wife enjoy the ride while you do the pushing, or let your wife do it. The point is, T-Rex Giant Ride-On, brings the T-Rex fantasy to life, for you, your kid and wife to enjoy. Check out these astounding features and see what I mean.

T-Rex Giant Ride On

Key features of the T-Rex Giant Ride On

  • Inflatable T-Rex Giant Ride-On with more than enough room for several kids.
  • Works best for both boys and girls for all ages, so that all can enjoy the fun
  • It has enough room for one adult and one or two kids making it a perfect gift for bonding.
  • Comes with a heavy duty construction giving you a lifetime swimming pool fun

What is it about this T-rex Giant Ride on?

It is just like any other floater, but a unique one. It is shaped to represent a T-rex Dinosaur that stands tall and has arms. It is made using a heavy-duty vinyl for an effective floating. What makes it quite admirable is that it comes from one of the world largest manufacturers of above the ground swimming pool liners, meaning that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why your family needs this

You have to work to earn something that will help cater for your family needs. On the other hand, your kids have to go to school. The point is, the only time you have to spend some precious time with your family is on weekends or any other holiday that comes once in a year. One question is, what time do you have for bonding? And what do you do when you have all the time to bond and make up for what you’ve missed?

T-Rex Giant Ride On

You need something that you, your wife and kids can enjoy at the same time, and this is where T-Rex Giant Ride-On comes in. With more than enough rooms for two riders or a couple of kids, T-Rex Giant Ride allows you to enjoy the fun together with your family as well as gives you the opportunity to bond. The best part is, you don’t have to pay more. At a price of only $41.15, you can bring the T-Rex Giant Ride-On fun back to your swimming pool.


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