A Pencil Eraser that Smells Delicious

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Smellable Pencil Eraser

The Smart Smencil is by far one of the craziest gifts that you could get somebody. This pencil is designed with an eraser that smells like peppermint, especially when you erase something with it! Peppermint has been proven to stimulate your brain cells, which means it will give whomever is using it a definite, legit edge on a test.

In addition, the eraser is fully functional, and the the graphite used for writing in this pencil is the same as in a standard #2 pencil. This means that any sort of computer-scored test or standardized test will recognize this as the exact same! Don’t wait to get this perfect, inexpensive gift, especially if you’re shopping for someone still in school!

$1.75 @ Perpetual Kid


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