18 Fun, Cool & Unique Pillowcases

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Guitar & Amp

Rock it out all night long… (link)

This Could Be You

Available in both men’s and women’s versions. (link)

Built-In Kleenex Dispenser

Not sure if this one is available for purchase any longer, but I love it anyway. (link)

King & Queen

Because you deserve to sleep like royalty. (link)

Bowser & Goomba

Apparently these cases are reserved for someone on Etsy, but you might be able to convince the designer to make you a pair too. (link)


Sleep under cardboard to help the homeless. Proceeds from the pillowcase/set sheet help the homeless in the UK. (link)

On or Off?

Not available quite yet, but should be worth the wait. (link)


A little stache for when its time to crash. (link)

Modern Chickadee

Cute modern looking chickadee birds… (link)


Definitely need to get the full sheet set for the full effect of multiple bodies restless in bed. (link)

Je t’aime

Inspired by Louise Bourgeios’ Red Room artwork. (link)


Turn the lights down with your pillow sunglasses. (link)


Not completely a pillowcase, but the edamame pillow was too delicous to pass up. (link)

In Case of Confusion

After a long night, make sure you know where you’re headed. (link)


Kinda speaks for itself and makes it a perfect pillow for throwing at a friend or roommate. (link)


The safer way to sleep with a gun under your pillow. (link)

Glow in the Dark Halo

Seems like something glowing right next to your eyes might disrupt your sleep, but maybe not. (link)

Wanna Fork or Spoon?

Simple, subtle fork/spoon design with a not so subtle name. (link)


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