21 Fun, Cool & Unique Bookends

Looking for some fun, unique bookends for a shelf? You’ve come to the right spot.

Fishbowl Bookends

Fishbowls and bookends together? A serious 2 for 1. See it Here

Falling Bookends

Look out!!! See it Here

Bull Bookends

Arthur the Bookend

Arrow Bookends

Magnetic arrows show right where the books are. See it Here

Bling Bookends

They’re not real stones, but the price ($950 each) would almost make you think they were. See it Here

Frog Princess Bookends

The Frog Princess can watch over your favorite romantic novels while you wait for your own Prince Charming. See it Here

Walking Man

These bookends feature characters that can be positioned so they appear to be walking through the books. See it Here


Buddha Bookends

Who wouldn’t want buddha’s belly holding up their books? See it Here

A to Z Bookends

Vise Bookends

Hold your books really tight with these vise bookends. See it Here


Put a few favorite photos in these lookends and hold your books up too. See it Here

XOO Bookends

Interesting design inspired by the American Cement building in LA. See it Here

Golden Cigar

Random hand holding a cigar will also hold up your books. See it Here

Quote Bookends


Wedge Planter Bookend

The wedge bookends not only hold books at different angles, but also are pots for plants. See it Here

Book Bookends

Hold your books up with more books, of course. See it Here

Smoking Bulldog

A bulldog in a hat smoking a cigar. Awesome. See it Here

Splat Bookends

These little guys just ran smack into your books and now they’ll hold em up for you. See it Here


  1. […] Using hidden metal holders inside the book covers, the arrows will give the illusion of floating. Point to your favorite authors and give them the credit they deserve. The arrow bookend is also part of our list of unique bookends. […]

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