20 Modern, Funky Wine Racks

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Vin-O by SIDD

Constructed by hand by a single craftsman and can be ordered to be shaped however you’d like. (link)

Kartell Wine Rack

Design your own rack with 16 interchangable arc pieces to assemble the perfect rack for your space. (link)

Bali Wine Rack

Inspired by contemporary Indonesian furniture with room for twelve. (link)

Harry Allen Pile Rack

Pile the wine up on the four bottle shaped platform. Holds 6 bottle pyramided. (link)

Wine Knot

Tie your wine up in the wine knot. Holds 6 bottles and even one magnum in the middle. (link)

Blomus Cino

Hopefully your wine can stand on its own, but just in case. (link)

Menu Wine Rack

Supposedly inspired by grape vine leaves, but it reminds us a bit of a moose. Either way its lovely. (link)

Six Pack Wine Rack

Made of entirely renewable resources, the six pack is perfect fuzzy storage for your vino. (link)

Gus Modern Acrylic Rack

Your wine will look almost as if they’re floating in mid air. (link)

Wine Arc

Only holds a single bottle, but it does a damn good job of looking good while it does so. (link)

Cru Wine Rack

Multiple circles with various attachment points allow for a bit of customization and a very modern wine rack. (link)

Recyled Ski Wine Rack

Taking Après-ski to a whole new level. (link)

Sporadic Wine Panel

Funky sporadically placed holes cantilever you wine with amazing design. Mini panel shown, a larger version available too. (link)

Gravity Wine Rack

Let physics do the work of holding your wine bottle for you. (link)

Wine Bouquet

Add six bottle and you’ve got a colorful bouquet and well stored wine. (link)

Black+Blum Wall Mount Rack

Eight bottles compactly stored on the wall with a waved, modern metal look. (link)

Malaga Wine Rack

For tucking you wine bottle away just a bit. Racks can be stacked for more storage space. (link)

Puzzle Wine Rack

Piece together your own puzzle of wine rack. Buy just one or multiple to fit em all together. (link)

Loopsey Wine Rack

Acrylic flower shaped rack holds six. (link)

Cactus Wine Rack

Modern, southwestern styled rack. (link)



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