11 Cool, Fun Oven Mitts

Make taking something out of the oven a but more fun with one of these cool oven mitts that we’ve found. If you know of any other fun oven mitts that should be included in our list of mitts, let us know…

Pac Man Mitt

When he’s not chomping ghosts then Pac man can be helping you pull out whatever’s cooking in the oven. get it here

8 bit Oven Mitt

Not only does the name rhyme, but the 8-Bit mitt would also make a pretty solid and unique addition to any kitchen. get it here

Frog Oven Mitt

Designed by Fred, the frog mitt should make cooking a bit more fun. get it here

Built Polka Dots

Multicolored polka dot style from design shop, Built. A few other styles also are available. get it here

Orka Oven Glove

Modern design from silicone and available in a bunch of different colors. get it here

Dog Oven Mitt

Use this pooch’s big mouth to bite any hot dishes and keep your hand safe. get it here

Pylones Red Face Mitt

We’ll admit he picture of this mitt is a bit creepy, but its still a very cool oven mitt. get it here

Boxing Oven Mitt

Seems like this one might not be for sale any longer, but in case you find one, let us know.

Euro Design Mitts

Simple yet impressive design, plus a bunch of color combos are available so pick the one that’s most fun for you. get it here

Mouse Oven Mitt

Pink little mouse oven mitt perfect for the female chef looking for a fun addition to the kitchen. get it here

Pan/Oven Grip

Certainly more of a grip than an actual mitt, but we liked the design and thought you might too. get it here

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